Project Description
Powershell script to run sync and check. It will stop and start before and after sync. Abort on disk errors in the eventlog prior to sync, and email status.
This is a powershell helper script for SnapRaid to be used in the Task Scheduler.

Current Features:
  • Runs SnapRaid Sync job
  • Configurable Email Notifications on Success and/or Failure with gmail SMTP support
  • Checks Eventlog for disk errors and will notify and/or abort sync
  • Logging and Log rotation of helper script logs
  • SnapRAID Pre-Diff run to
    • see if there is any need to run a sync
    • ensure that the number of deleted files does not exceed a configurable threshold
  • Process stopping and starting
  • Verify paths and files exist
  • Validate many configurations
  • Configuration .ini file for configurables

Future Features:
  • Use of Sync or Verify in same script - select via command line
  • Improve logging and alerting (Event log, Pop-up message, windows notifications, multiple email sources)
  • Use of powershell stored credentials to avoid username/password in cleartext in configuration file.

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