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Using the helper script is pretty simple.

Install and Configure

  1. Install the Powershell Community Extensions:
    1. Get them and install them: or Direct:
  2. Copy snapraid-helper.ini and snapraid-helper.ps1 into your SnapRaid install dir (Eg, c:\SnapRAID)
  3. Edit snapraid-helper.ini and fill in the various settings as you like them
  4. Run snapraid-helper.ps1

Schedule if desired

In Windows Task Scheduler create a new task with the following:
  1. In General:
    1. Run whether user is logged in or not
    2. if you are using the service management function, check "Run with highest privileges"
    3. Set the user to a user with "Log on as a batch job" allowed and has access to start/stop services (eg, Administrator or other windows security as required)
  2. In Triggers:
    1. Create a trigger based on your needs. I run mine daily, every 4 hours.
  3. In Actions:
    1. Action: Start a Program
    2. Program/script: C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe
    3. Arguments: <snapraid install dir>\snapraid-helper.ps1. (Eg. C:\SnapRAID\snapraid-helper.ps1)
    4. Start In: <Snapraid install dir> (Eg. C:\SnapRAID)

Upgrade Instructions:

  • Overwrite previous snapraid-helper.ps1 with new snapraid-helper.ps1
  • Keep existing snapraid-helper.ini

Other helpful Links:

How to schedule a powershell script:

How to run unsigned powershell scripts:
  1. Download the PowerShellExecutionPolicy.adm from
  2. Install it
  3. open gpedit.msc
  4. Under computer configuration, right-click Administrative Templates and then click Add/Remove Templates
  5. Add PowerShellExecutionPolicy.adm from %programfiles%\Microsoft Group policy
  6. Open Administrative Templates\Classic Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows PowerShell
  7. Enable the property and allow unsigned scripts to be run

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